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Inheritance Tax: the silent tax collector

The government’s receipts from inheritance tax (IHT) have been rising much faster than the yield from other taxes. In a recent report on the changing nature of UK tax revenues, the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) noted that “There is an increased reliance on smaller taxes”. It attributed this shift to the political difficulties in [...]

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Brexit fallout: what are the implications?

The implications for investors of the result of the UK referendum on EU membership will be played out over the months ahead and it is very likely that volatility will persist in the near term. Although we understand investors’ concerns, you should not need to make dramatic changes, provided you have a well-diversified portfolio. Financial [...]

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About to draw your pension benefits?

  If you are going to turn your pension fund into a retirement income in the near future, the outcome of the EU referendum has complicated matters. One of the reasons George Osborne gave for the introduction of his radical pension flexibility reforms in March 2014 was that “the annuities market is currently not working [...]

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Common Estate Planning Mistakes

Many of us are failing to put a plan in place. Having an estate plan is good for our finances and for our heirs, but many of us fail to put a plan in place. However, those who do have a plan often make mistakes that can lead to familial and financial problems further down [...]

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Keep covered for the rainy days

Whatever your view about the principle of providing people with social security benefits if they are ill or unemployed, it is inadvisable to try living solely on what the State provides in such circumstances. The so-called ‘safety net’ is lower than you may think. After the recent U-turn on the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), the [...]

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How we work with our professional partners

As you can probably tell by the name we chose for our firm, partnerships are one of the cornerstones of our business and strategy here at PK Partnership. With this in mind, we not only seek to develop long term, meaningful relationships with our clients, but also with professional partners such as solicitors and accountants [...]



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