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Landlords losing interest

The next step in changes to tax relief for landlords takes effect from 6 April 2019.

If you have a mortgage on a buy to let residential property, from this April only 25% of the interest can be offset against your rental income, with the remaining 75% qualifying for a 20% tax credit only.

For a higher rate taxpayer, that will mean £50 less tax relief for every £1,000 of interest in 2019/20. And from April 2020 onwards, you will only receive a 20% tax credit – another £50 cut in relief for every £1,000 of interest for 40% taxpayers.

If these changes make you think about selling up, then remember another April 2020 change: capital gains tax at up to 28% on residential property will be due within 30 days of sale.

The value of tax reliefs depends on your individual circumstances. Tax laws can change. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax advice and some buy to let mortgages. For specialist tax advice please refer to an accountant or tax specialist.



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