Gumball 3000 20th Anniversary Rally from London to Tokyo

Insuring the Gumball 3000 Rally

Gumball 1As the official insurance partner for the annual Gumball 3000 rally, PK Partnership have just returned from Japan celebrating their 20th event.

This year’s rally started in London’s Covent Garden with thousands of spectators turning out to see the cars leave and spot some faces attending the rally such as David Hasselhoff and Usher. The passion and enthusiasm of all participants is unprecedented, and the event is attended by largely skilled and experienced drivers with a desire for high performance cars.

Driver and insurance registration took place in London where Anjana and Fabio, the dedicated Gumball 3000 team at PK Partnership, were on hand to ensure all drivers and vehicles met the required level of insurance.

An eclectic mix of vehicles were entered into the rally including a Ferrari 288 GTO, Bugatti Chiron and David Hasslehoff’s KITT Pontiac Firebird.

The final destination was Tokyo, Japan via France, Switzerland and Italy, and this brought along a number of challenges from finding insurers who would cover different territories.

Gumball 7

There were a number of logistical challenges such as transporting the cars via air freight from Italy to Japan – no mean feat for more than 140 vehicles. Along the way there were a number of highs and lows, but PK Partnership were en route from London to Tokyo to ensure that any risk management obstacles could be overcome.

Once again the Gumball 3000 team created a truly world-class event.

Gumball 6


Amit Patel, Director of PK Partnership said, “we were delighted to insure the majority of the cars on this year’s rally. Hats off to Max and the fantastic Gumball team for organising such a spectacular event. Work has already started on planning the insurance aspect of next year’s rally.”

The rally and high net worth market is an important and specialist focus for PK Partnership. Our next adventure is next month on the Verve Rally starting at the prestigious London Home House private members club.



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