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Make your Will the right way…

Like all legal documents, your will must meet certain requirements. Firstly, a will must be signed and witnessed to be valid. You must have two witnesses who can’t be beneficiaries or be married to a beneficiary. If your circumstances change – perhaps selling a business or having a child – you will need to update [...]

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Auto-enrol fines spike as firms miss deadlines

The Pensions Regulator issued 576 escalating penalty notices to employers that failed to comply with auto-enrolment rules between July and September, more than 15 times the amount in the previous three months. Between April and June, TPR handed out 38 escalating penalty notices. Employers that receive such a notice will receive a penalty of between [...]

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How we work with our professional partners

As you can probably tell by the name we chose for our firm, partnerships are one of the cornerstones of our business and strategy here at PK Partnership. With this in mind, we not only seek to develop long term, meaningful relationships with our clients, but also with professional partners such as solicitors and accountants [...]



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