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Introducing our chosen charity for 2021: Polio & Children in Need Charity (PACINC) helping Kigezi Orphans

Constructing an orphanage to house and school orphaned children in Kabale, Western Uganda.  Kigezi Orphan Children’s Charity (KOCC) was formed in 2014. The orphanage provided shelter for these abandoned children, but the dwelling was sparse and unhygienic. The children regularly battled with infections and disease due to the unsanitary conditions. In 2017, the building’s owner [...]

Image Courtesy of Flickr_Ishan Manjrekar

PK Partnership… do good, have fun!

  Education is vital for the social and economic wellbeing of any country. Our focus is specifically on basic education and skills development. We believe charity starts at home and our mission is to empower disadvantaged communities through education. In the midst of poverty, inequality and unemployment, this ideal sounds unachievable however, we are committed [...]



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