Based in South London, PK Partnership is a well-established and highly respected provider of independent insurance consultancy and financial advisory services. Our brand identity recognises two important components of our business: 'PK' for Prakash Patel, the founder and figurehead of the group who started the journey for us back in 1979. The word 'partnership' denotes our two services, insurance consultancy and financial planning, combined in partnership to support the diverse needs of individuals and businesses.

We can help you to create a financial strategy, enhance and protect your assets; forming a long-term relationship underpinned by honesty, integrity and service excellence. Our relationship is with you - not your money. Armed with a full understanding of your needs, we provide a clear vision of your future and devise a plan to help you navigate the important decisions in your life. Reviewing your plan regularly, we recommend solutions aimed at protecting you, your family and your business.


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Prakash Patel

Director & Financial Adviser

Prakash is our founding Director and established the business in 1979 after working for several years as a sole trader. He is highly qualified and known to be a good judge of character, with patience and integrity. The best holiday he has ever been on was a trip to Canada, where he enjoyed camping and fishing in Northern Manitoba.

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Jonathan Kelly

Director & Financial Adviser

Jonathan is an experienced financial adviser, with a specialism in working with wealthy clients and helping them to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals. The two historical figures he most admires are Napoleon for his sheer determination and organisation, and Cleisthenes, the father of Greek democracy.

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Amit Patel

Director & Chartered Insurance Broker

Amit oversees our insurance broking team, IT, operations and compliance. He enjoys driving the business forward, while continuing to add value to our client relationships by taking care of their protection needs. When he is away from the office you are most likely to find him on the golf course or with his family.

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Mahend Roopchund

Account Executive

Mahend is an Account Executive in our insurance team. Before joining us he worked in Mauritius for six years, dealing in both personal and commercial insurance (he certainly didn't come back to the UK for the weather!). Known for his honesty and efficiency, he is a great asset to the PK Partnership team.

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Gina Gasparino

Senior Paraplanner

Gina is our Paraplanner and joined the team with a wealth of experience gained from working at Lloyds TSB. Her key responsibility is to produce client friendly recommendation reports. A keen photographer, she spends her weekends visiting historic grounds and castles in search of the perfect shot.

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Carmel Jones

Mortgage Adviser

Carmel is responsible for the processing of mortgage applications and supporting the team, liaising with clients and lenders. A previous role with an estate agent equipped her with invaluable skills. The three personalities she would invite to dinner are the Pope, Graham Norton and Alan Sugar - an interesting mix!

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Diana Corredor

Office Manager

Diana is Office Manager and keeps everyone organised, manages their needs and ensures the smooth running of all our administration. Prior to joining the PK Partnership she worked at the prestigious Hilton Park Lane. If Diana won £10m tomorrow she said she would give the money to an animal charity.

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Anjana Pankhania

Private Clients Account Executive

Anjana is responsible for delivering a personalised service to our discerning mid and high net clients. Before joining PK Partnership Anjana was an Account Executive for 10 years at a leading specialist high net worth insurance broker. Anjana’s favourite holiday was a once in a lifetime trip to India.

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James Horgan

Commercial Account Executive

James is a Commercial Account Executive in our insurance team. His career started in medical screening before moving to commercial insurance. Known for his professionalism and client relationship management, he compliments the PK Partnership team well. In his spare time James enjoys long dog walks with his wife.

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Robert Brown

Marketing Consultant

Robert looks after the marketing and communications at PK Partnership. Having previously worked as a Marketing Manager at Bluefin, his experience in the insurance broking sector places him well to co-ordinate our campaigns. Robert enjoys trying new restaurants in his spare time, and cycling when it’s sunny and dry.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Education is vital for the social and economic wellbeing of any country. Our focus is specifically on basic education and skills development.
We believe charity starts at home and our mission is to empower disadvantaged communities through education.
In the midst of poverty, inequality and unemployment, this ideal sounds unachievable however, we are committed to giving back to the communities in which we have become grateful to and have helped put us where we are today.

Old Kampala Alumni Scholarship Fund.

Our chosen charity this year is OKAS (Old Kampala Alumni Scholarship Fund). This charity is close to our heart as our founder Prakash Patel was educated there and is now an ambassador for the project. Our aim is to work together with Old Kampala Alumni Scholarship Fund to achieve "what it did for us".


The project we are sponsoring this year is to raise enough funds for each student to have a set of text books. The amount required for this project is £70,000.
The overarching objective of OKAS is the improvement of the quality of life and the future of Uganda.
We want this positive impact to turn the students of today into ambassadors of the future, just like us.

To find out more about OKAS please click here.

Click here to download a standing order gift aid form and show your support.

Registered UK Charity No. 1159825.


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