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New Year Checklist to put you in the best financial position


We hope you have had a good start to 2017. We’ve put together a quick checklist to put you in the best possible position to start the year and also protect you and your family should the worst occur.


A few questions for you to consider…

• If you are aged over 55, have you taken advice about the options for drawing your pension savings?

• Have you considered the timing of dividends and bonuses to minimise tax rates?

• Are you on track to use this year’s ISA allowance and made any other tax-efficient investments before 6 April 2017?

• Could you exempt half of this year’s or last year’s capital gains by reinvesting the gains in a SEIS?

• Could you transfer income to your partner to minimise higher and additional rate taxation next year, to maximise the tax-free savings and dividend income limits, or to avoid losing child benefit?

• Are you making use of your annual capital gains tax exempt amount by making any available disposals before 6 April 2017?

• Have you made gifts to use your annual inheritance tax allowances?

• Are you investing enough in your pension if you wish to, or have to, retire earlier than state pension age, which is likely to keep going up?


Investments are great but equally as important is protecting you and your family.

• Do you have the right level of life insurance? What would happen to you and your family if you suddenly couldn’t work?

• Have you written a Will? It’s a common misconception that assets automatically pass to a spouse or registered civil partner on death, but if you don’t have a Will in place your estate will be distributed under the UK rules of intestacy, which means the law decides who inherits your estate and in what proportions.


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