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Health and Safety Executive Prosecutions

Recent Health and Safety Executive news and prosecutions:

£1m fine for Crossrail contractors following three incidents

Three separate incidents occurred during construction on the Crossrail tunnel, the last of which resulted in a worker’s death. As a result, Bam Ferrovial Kier (BFK), an unincorporated joint venture made up of three companies, was fined £1,065,000 and ordered to pay costs of £42,337.28. In its investigation, the HSE found that BFK had neither organised nor enforced a safe system of work. In addition, investigators discovered that equipment and vehicles were not being properly maintained, which also contributed to the incidents.

Companies fined more than £1m after workers exposed to asbestos

While refurbishing a school, workers were exposed to asbestos. The three companies working on the project were fined more than £1m. In its investigation, the HSE found that while an asbestos survey had been completed, there were multiple warnings and disclaimers that were not appropriately checked.


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